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A Gilmore Girls Haunted Thanksgiving

Connecticut, Gilmore Girls, Haunting, Scary, Ghosts, Magic, Thanksgiving

Ghosts on their nightly walk

Immediately after shooting Stephanie and Adam’s wedding, I jumped on a plane to spend Thanksgiving in one of my absolute favorite places, Woodbury, Connecticut. It may seem strange to list a small town in Connecticut as one of your favorite places, but it truly is.

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls you’ll understand the connection to Stars Hollow, which was actually based off of a town about 15 minutes from Woodbury that has many of the same charms, albeit slightly more picturesque. That is a statement that has to be tempered because Woodbury is nothing if not picturesque, all the towns in this area are.

I have the pleasure of staying on a horse farm just outside of town, close to antique markets, apple farms (home of the best apple cider donuts!) and other delights that the 60 year-old woman in me can’t get enough of.

It is a town of one diner very much like Luke’s, a grocery store and three churches. Graveyards are everywhere, which is oddly exiting for me. I find them peaceful and even trekked out to a few at night to ghost hunt. Did I find anything? Take a look for yourself in the images below:


©Barcsay Photography
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