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A Trip to the Angeles National Forest

Sunset, Angeles National Forest, Magic Hour, Mountains, Golden Hour

Sunset in the Angeles National Forest

Did you know that Los Angeles has a forest? If you didn’t you’d be like me, who lived here for eight years before discovering it. If you’re from the east coast or northern California, you likely won’t be impressed by the few spindly trees and bald mountains, but it’s there and you can camp! So, there are some definite perks. Also, it really is quite beautiful in it’s own way and it’s about an hour drive from the city so it’s a more than doable day trip for some hiking and nature.

We went for a night at the height of the drought so my feeling is that there is likely a lot more greenery now and probably working water faucets. Despite that it was quiet and beautiful and peaceful. Sometimes you just need a night to cook over an open flame, watch the sunset, sleep in a tent and reset. If you live in Los Angeles, I absolutely recommend checking it out. It’s a short drive and well worth it.


©Barcsay Photography
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