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A Visit to the Los Angeles Rain Room

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This will probably be another short one. Am I getting lazy? Maybe, but I’m just going to default to that old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, because honestly that’s why I’m here. If I was better with words, I’d be a writer and any of you who have been reading this know that’s definitely not the case.

For those of you that aren’t Los Angeles natives, LACMA (the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art) has an incredible installation called the Rain Room, which was initially almost impossible to get into.

The concept of the room is to allow those in it to experience rain without getting wet. It’s a virtual umbrella of sorts. As you walk through the room, sensors determine where you are and stop the rain only around your circumference. As you move, you are tracked so you continue to stay dry while walking through the rain. It works well enough that I wasn’t afraid to take my camera right into the thick of it.

Here are some favorites:


©Barcsay Photography
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