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(On a throne of pillows)

I shoot a lot of headshots: young adults, teenagers, older adults, you name it, I do it on a regular basis and I love it. I really enjoy getting to spend some one on one time with new people and learn about them while getting some great shots. So, when someone asked me if I did kids’ headshots, I said of course. I’ve shot a lot of kids, but they’re usually ten or older so when I found out that these kids were three and just under a year, I was caught a little off guard. That said, I love a challenge and I’ve shot some families with young kids, so I jumped right in. After meeting Charlie and Gabe I could see why their mom thought these guys might be little actors. They are both absolutely adorable and have a ton of personality. There’s no shyness here. Gabe, the baby, was the one I was a bit worried about, but he could not have been easier. He was thrilled to smile and look into the camera for a long as I wanted to take photos. Charlie gave me a real taste of life with a three year old. He went from hating it to loving it to everything in between. I think we ran the full gamut of emotions and expressions. Then, at the end of it all, he asked me to read him his favorite book, so it seemed like a success overall. Below are some shots from the ups and downs (because that’s just a part of life) of Charlie and Gabe’s photoshoot.

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Marilyn Hanson
Marilyn Hanson
22 sept 2021

This is a great post thanks for writing it

Me gusta
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