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Becca and David's Engagement

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Up above the shore

This is one from the archives and I can say that Becca and David are now happily married homeowners and I’m thrilled for them both!

Becca and David reached out to me through a recommendation, which is always my favorite way to meet new clients. Word of mouth is the most organic and important way for me to grow my business.

The two came to me very much in love and really excited to shoot at my now well-known beach spot. When we met they'd be dating for almose six months, but they got engaged after just a month. Sometimes, you just know.

We met up for the first time at the cliffs above the water and then trekked down to the beach.

Right off the bat it was easy to get along with these two. They were funny, bubbly and totally playful. They were ready for anything which is something that’s so exciting for me as a photographer because we can really just play around.

We shot for a couple of hours and they helped each other change into a variety of costumes behind a blanket on the beach, everything from dresses and button ups, to full pirate regalia. You know you are working with at least one actor when this many costumes are involved.

When the sun went down we parted ways and I began the journey back home after my traditional trip to Neptune’s Net. Seriously guys, if you’re hungry on the PHC in Malibu it’s the place to go.


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