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Bill and Jan’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

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The Happy Couple

No one has ever said relationships were easy, but sometimes two people’s devotion to each other is so steadfast that it almost takes your breath away.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bill and Jan for nine years now. Their daughter and I went to school together and she’s one of my closest friends, so I’ve crashed many a family celebration over the years and have always been welcomed with open arms. Everyone is greeted with southern hospitality and food in a California setting.

I have honestly never met two people who were more kind and generous and who go out of their way to make strangers feel like part of the family. So, when they asked me to capture some photos of their 50th wedding anniversary, I was thrilled.

Life has thrown them ups and downs over the years but they remain so positive and so devoted to one and other. I’m not a cheesy person. I’m not a hopeless romantic. Honestly, I’m bitter and sarcastic more than anything else. I think it’s part of my charm. But, even through all of that, I can see that these two really are an inspiration to us all, not just in terms of relationships, but in terms of how we should treat one and other as people.


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