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Chinatown Adventure

So far, most of my blogs have been tutorial style, but today I want to to include what I want the other half of my entries to be, accounts of photo adventures. Not every shot we take is worthy of website display, but it's so important to be shooting always. I'm amazed at how quickly I become rusty if I don't shoot for a while. These don't all have to be paying clients or staged shoots, just go out into the world, find something interesting and document it.

The other day, I went to Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles. It was a gray and, eventually rainy day and I took a few shots on my Nikon D600 (which is my backup camera, but still a fantastic camera) and my 50mm 1.4. I very rarely use this lens these days, but it was nice to play around with it. I'm used to shooting at 2.8 or higher these days, so it was nice to play with stopping down a bit more. If you want specs for any of the images below, feel free to contact me. I'm just too lazy to enter them all ;)


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