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Del Mar’s Opening Day at the Races

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Down the backstretch

For the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying Transperfect (the global translation company) on their annual company retreat to the Del Mar opening day. I act as their official photographer, riding down on the train with them from Los Angeles and spending the day among thoroughbreds.

As someone who grew up riding horses competitively, I desperately miss being around them. So this is a perfect way to get some of my horse fix taken care of. On top of that, I’m surrounded by a group of people who are genuinely excited for a day of relaxation. Everyone is friendly and happy and ready to have a good time. What better environment could you ask for?

Food and drink flow all day long and many bets are made. I see both joy and disappointment post-race. But, regardless of the outcome, everyone is having a fantastic care-free day and I look forward to it every year.


©Barcsay Photography
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