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Dragging the Shutter (Practical Application)

As promised faithful readers, I’m back to show you a more practical application of dragging the shutter. If you’re confused check out the post below and then come back here for the super exciting stuff. I can only imagine that I now have millions of fans waiting with baited breath for entry two of my blog, right?

Well, here we go. I shot at El Matador beach in Malibu and I wanted my subject to be lit, but I also wanted to showcase the beautiful background of rock and waves. I knew this wasn’t a situation where I could just light the background as water and my strobes and battery back don’t really mix, so dragging the shutter was the perfect technique to see my model as well as the sea and the sky.

ISO 64, f 4.5 1/20

ISO 64, f 4.5 1/25

ISO 64, f 4.5 1/10

ISO 64 f 4.5 1/15

And one for fun - ISO 64 f 4.5 0.6 seconds

Tune in next week for another life changing post.



©Barcsay Photography
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