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Green Valley Lake

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Reflections in the Sunset

I almost hesitate to make this post because I don’t want anyone else to know about this fantastic hidden gem. That said, I think a max of 3 people are reading this, so I’m probably safe. And you guys, you deserve a reward for your commitment.

Sometimes you need an escape from LA. For me, a Canadian who has been absorbed into California, there’s a longing for the lakes and trees and cottage time of my childhood. A cottage is what we call a cabin for all you Americans out there.

So, where do you go that’s not a million miles away? Lake Arrowhead? Big Bear Lake? Sure, both good options, but hard to get a reasonably priced Airbnb on the lakes and they’re busy places. Then you come across Green Valley Lake. Hmm. I’ve never heard of this. It appears to be nestled in the mountains between Big Bear and Arrowhead (each are about a 30 minute drive). But, it’s lakefront and the price is right, so…booked!

Then you get there and it’s perfect. There’s a population of about 300. In town (which is really just 3 stores on the main road), there’s a tavern, a general store, a café and a tackle shop/real estate agents. The tavern and the café play live music on the weekend and the café promises “fresh food prepared as fast as we can.” The food is simple, but good and you might slow down and adjust to a way of life that doesn’t need to move at a breakneck pace.

The Airbnb was perfect, totally cute and steps away from town and the swimming beach. There’s a lifeguard on duty on weekends but there doesn’t seem to be one during the week so swim at your own risk. The lake itself is small, but lovely. There are various non-motorized boats owned by residents tied up around it and ones to rent if you are a visitor. We happily kayaked around the lake for an hour or so and I have the sunburn to prove it. It was well worth it and I later soothed it with a dip in the very cold water. After a cold winter, it hadn’t quite heat up year in early June. That said, it was wonderful and refreshing and exactly what I needed.

Later on in the evening there are great spots to watch a sunset or set up your fishing rod at dusk (make sure you have a license though. They will check).

If you’re looking for absolute peace and quiet, this is your place. I hate to say it though, because I really would like it all to myself.


©Barcsay Photography
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