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Holiday Hostage

(Happy Thanksgiving!)

I recently had the pleasure of working on the set of Holiday Hostage, a short film starring Maggie Wheeler (who you may know as Janis from Friends, but also, Archer, Shameless, and many more), Bunny Levine (Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds), Don Stark (who is hilarious as Donna's dad on That 70s Show, Cafe Society, Peggy Sue Got Married), Abby Walla (Switched at Birth, Veep, Dear White People) and David Storch (Silicon Valley, Young and Hungry), directed by D.W. Moffett (Traffic, Switched at Birth, Friday Night Lights). Phil Parmet was the director of Photography. Even if you don’t know Phil’s name, if you like horror, you definitely know his work: Grindhouse, Halloween and The Devil’s Rejects, to name a few.

I’ve known Abby for many years, so I was thrilled when she asked me to come on board to take some behind the scenes set photos and also to shoot the poster image. Abby wrote this hilarious short along with her co-star David and they were able to assemble an amazing cast and crew and raise over $45,000 on Kickstarter. In a time where everyone and their grandmother is trying to Kickstart something, this was an impressive feat and a testament to the quality of the work that they were producing.

Without giving too much away, Abby and David come home for thanksgiving with their mother (Wheeler) and grandmother (Levine) and things don’t quite go as planned. The film is currently gearing up for the festival circuit around the country.

You can check out the trailer here.


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