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Ivett and Michael’s Inn of the Seventh Ray Wedding

Ivett's stunning ring

Ivett and Michael reached out to me about six months before their wedding and were thrilled to let me know that they were getting married at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in The Santa Monica Mountains.

For those that don’t know too much about this fantastic spot, here’s a little bit of the history of the property before it became a restaurant and venue. It has been under the same ownership since 1973.

“Originally, the Inn’s location was rumored to have first been a meeting place of the Chumash Indians at the sacred intersection of 2 creeks. Then it may have been Aimee Semple McPherson’s private retreat in the 1930's, later becoming the site for Topanga’s first church. Afterwards, it became a feed store, then a gas station/garage and auto junk yard, an eyesore on Topanga’s crossroads of an eclectic culture of artists, musicians and hippies, counter culture lifestyle seekers, along with families just wanting to live having the energy of nature around their family” (The Official Website).

I was obviously happy to get the chance to shoot at a place with so much history and to meet a couple who was so well matched. Both families couldn’t have been happier with the match and it was a day and night full of excellent food and music in a beautiful location surrounded by mountains and stars.


©Barcsay Photography
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