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Jessica and Drew

Engagement, Couple, Wedding Photographer, Lake Tahoe

Tiny Wonder Woman carries 6'4" Drew

Jessica and Drew have been together for ten years, married for five and they have two of the most adorable children around. These two have a lot of wonderful things in their lives, but what they didn’t have was any professional photos of them together. They were in their early 20s when they got married and were on a budget so they skipped the engagement photos and had a family friend capture their wedding.

Obviously, I’m a firm believer that photos shape and enhance your memories, so these two were definitely due for a session. We headed out into the meadows of beautiful South Lake Tahoe and got shooting.

Jessica and Drew are a no frills couple in the best possible way. They wanted to just look like themselves, casual and relaxed, albeit without two kids in tow. Some couples get a little stiff in front of the camera initially, but these two relaxed almost instantly, a testament to how comfortable they are together after so many years.

It’s always fun to work with a couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and who actively wants to play and have fun. That was definitely the case with Jessica and Drew who weren’t at all afraid of looking silly, including wanting to finish our session with some photos of them in camo hats pouring beer into each other’s mouths. When the kids are away, the parents will play…


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