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Joshua Tree Excursion

Sunset, Clouds, Magic Hour, Joshua Tree, California, OK Corral, Ranch, Western, Red Dead Redemption, Westworld

I have been to Joshua Tree a few times but had never really had the pleasure of exploring much of the civilization there. So, we decided to trek out there for a weekend in early April. We lucked into finding the incredible Little Jo Cabin on Airbnb and it was insanely perfect in all the photos online. It almost felt too good to be true.

However, the reality certainly didn’t disappoint. This place has been decorated like something out of a style blog. Every detail is perfect and well thought out. It’s truly a desert oasis, tucked away down a remote road about twenty minutes from the town itself.

We spent two days exploring and eating (guys, there is insanely good coffee AND pizza in Joshua tree) while trying not to get blown away by the insanely high winds. It’s basically a perfect place. What else could you possibly need? Seriously?

I was sad to return to LA reality but the drive home included a stop at a Palm Spring date garden and a serenade over margaritas, so that took some of the sting out of the return.

If you make it to Joshua Tree, I highly recommend these cabins. They are practically perfect and if I could pick one up and plop it down in Los Angeles, I’d do so without question.

Some photo highlights from the adventure are below:


©Barcsay Photography
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