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Kate and Alex...and Hugo

I’ve known Kate since she was twelve years old. Almost nothing has changed since then, except a few years, her marriage to a fantastic human and then, the announcement of her pregnancy. I couldn’t have been more excited for a baby to dress in Slytherin robes and gift with wands, whether he wanted them or not.

When Kate and Alex asked me to take some maternity and family photos for them, I jumped at the chance. I packed up my gear and headed over to their apartment to capture the baby bump in all of its glory. I don’t shoot a lot of maternity. If you want a photo of your exposed belly with a long flowing silk scarf flying off into the distance, I’m probably not your girl. But, if you want to hang out and let me just snap my way through our day together, documenting you and your partner as you get ready for your new baby, then call me immediately.

We spent most of the day being silly, because we are not always the best at taking things seriously and ended with some shots of Kate and Alex in the nearby park where their future baby will be likely to spend a lot of time.

Just a few weeks later Hugo came into the world and I popped by to get a couple of photos of him in his new home and to eat some homemade peanut butter cookies, of course.

Here are a few highlights:


©Barcsay Photography
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