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Mammoth Mountain Winter Escape

sunset, mountain, mammoth, california, snow

Sunset over Mammoth Mountain

A winter cabin is an amazing luxury. Canadian to my core, I find myself missing the snow and cold that I spent my adolescence complaining about. The first few year I lived in Los Angeles I gleefully sent friends and family pictures of thermostats and sunny skies throughout the winter months. However, after about year five, something switched in me. I found myself longing for the passing of the seasons and the constant sunny and 75 degree weather began to grate on me. I know. I know. Anyone who endures a harsh seemingly never-ending sympathy with have zero sympathy for my. I’ve encountered this in my complaints to friends and family still living in Toronto.

So, what’s a girl who misses being cold and playing in frozen water to do? If you’re lucky, you’ll throw yourself upon the mercy of friends with a cabin and trek out there. It’s about five hours to Mammoth Mountain and worth every second.

I got my snow, my incredible beers from the local brewery and some beautiful sunsets and mountain views. And, because it’s California, even in February, it never really got cold enough to be uncomfortable. Sitting here and looking out at sunny skies in a tank top, I couldn’t miss it more. Summer is upon us and I’m looking for my next escape.


©Barcsay Photography
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