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Miranda and Saki's Maternity Photos

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Waiting for their Leia

It’s always exciting to have clients hire you for one thing and then come back down the road and hire you for something else.

I met Miranda and Saki in 2015 when I shot their engagement photos. They were total troopers and put up with getting wet in a freezing ocean on a cold spring day.

After all the beach-related torture I put them through, I was thrilled to hear from them again in early 2017, this time looking for maternity photos.

Miranda and Saki are big Star Wars fans and play on naming the baby Eisley, after both the band and the fames Mos-Eisley Cantina. They were looking for a fun location that had something of an-other planetary quality to it, so I immediately thought of Vasquez Rocks which has been a stand in for a variety of planets over the years from everything from Star Trek to Planet of the Apes.

We met there and made the trek into the park. Once again, Miranda was a trooper and made the walk with no complaints seven months pregnant.

From there we shot with the rocks as a backdrop and they brought a number of fantastic props to work with. Baby Eisley is due at any minute and I’m wishing them the very best for their new adventure!

Some of the favorites are below. Everything shot on a Nikon D810 with either a Sigma 35mm 1.4 or a Nikon 85mm 1.8.


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