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Mirror, Mirror in the Desert

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Austin Rocks Alo Workout Gear

I’ve been reading about Doug Aiken’s Mirage for quite some time. It’s an art installation produced in conjunction with Desert X, which brought a series of artists together to produce works in and around Palm Springs. Sadly, I missed getting to see the full exhibit, but Aiken’s work Mirage remains.

It’s a solid few hours to Palm Springs which did deter me somewhat. However, when a good friend of mine was looking for some fitness shots to promote his classes and Alo’s excellent workout wear, we decided this was a perfect fit.

I forgot how windy it can get out there in the desert and we definitely struggled as a result. The wind sweeps right across open desert because there is literally nothing to stop it or slow it down.

Luckily, Austin is the easiest to work with and he was happy to play and experiment until we got it right and managed to keep my soft-box from blowing away. We even got some great shots in amongst the mirrors. If you have a chance to go visit Mirage, I could not recommend it enough. It’s a beautiful piece and worth waiting your turn amongst the many other visitors.

Here are some favorites:


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