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Nikon Photography Contest

A few months ago I entered the Nikon photography contest which they hold every two years. Ten of my photos made it past the first round of judging and I am thrilled to announce that two of those ten images have made it through the second round of judging and into the final round. This contest is open to people around the world shooting on any type of camera and they received hundreds of thousands of entries. I am absolutely thrilled to have made it this far. Below are the two images that are still in the running.

Both of these images were shot outside of Palmdale, California. The first used just one alien bee light with a softbox to difuse the light on the model and the second used two alien bees. One was set up with a softbox to the left of frame to light through the window and the other with beauty dish pointed at my subject. Both of these images were entered to showcase the theme of home. I did a series of images of well dressed people in abandoned places and love the intersection of past and present. Below are a few more images that I entered. These made it through the first round of judging, but did not make the finals.


©Barcsay Photography
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