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Pasadena’s Huntington Gardens

The Chinese Garden

My people are lovers of a good afternoon tea. There is no getting around it. I may be caffeine intolerant, but that doesn’t stop me loving the paring of a nice tea, a finger sandwich and some delicious pastries.

The Huntington Gardens in Pasadena is one such place to get an afternoon tea. Though, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s hard to find a good place for tea in Los Angeles as it is, and this definitely isn’t in. There are still many that I need to try but the Peninsula does a nice one and I’ve heard the same about the Beverly Hills Hotel.

However, all of this is preamble. Yes, we did venture there for the tea, but the real star is the garden itself, or the gardens. It a huge property that allows you to travel from the desert to China to Japan to lush rainforests all in a single afternoon.

The gardens are meticulously maintained and it’s a fantastic place to spend a weekend afternoon meandering. I, of course, brought my camera and in between bouts of torrential rain, I snapped some pictures. The results are below:


©Barcsay Photography
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