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Rapunzel's Tower

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Laura and the Tower

A friend and I had discovered some images of this majestic looking tower built into the rocks on the beach and we had vowed to find a way to shoot there.

I was lucky enough to find a reason and headed out there to do an editorial shoot along with my model (the lovely Laura Harman), who was a great sport about getting repeatedly splashed with cold ocean waves in February.

There’s not a lot to say here, because honestly the views really speak for themselves. It was cold that day so we didn’t have to fight too much with others on the beach but in the summers it is packed! There’s a beautiful natural tanning pool that traps water and makes a wonderful place to wade. Since it’s constantly heated by the sun, it’s a wonderfully warm pocket.

After the official shoot, we stayed around Laguna, got dinner and snagged a few sunset shots before making the trek back to Los Angeles.

As per usual, I’ve included some favorites below:


©Barcsay Photography
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