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Re-purpose a Wreck

fashion, editorial, Toronto, Lincoln, Model, Style

(Alexis reclines on the ole Continental)

Ever since I can remember (I’m looking at you early 90s), my neighbor’s broken Cadillac has been rotting in the laneway behind my Mother’s house. Every year it sinks further into the ground, rusts with reckless abandon and becomes a little bit more of an eyesore. At this point, it can’t even be towed out. It is one with the earth in some sort of strange environmentally disastrous symbiosis. I have always wanted to shoot on it, but I have never really had an opportunity or a real need other than for my own personal joy. Sometimes it’s much harder to motivate yourself when you’re just shooting for you. However, on my last trip to Toronto, said opportunity arose and I was able to get some branding shots with my wonderful model, Alexis. Below are the Cadillac and Alexis in all of their glory:


©Barcsay Photography
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