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South Lake Tahoe - Summer 2016

Lake Tahoe, Milky Way, Stars, Long Exposure, Night Photography

Tahoe Milky Way

Summer is for travel, well as much as possible anyway. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful friend, the very talented Alex Cederquist (whose photography can be seen here) who has a cabin in Tahoe. Every summer he invites a big group of friends to celebrate the 4th of July. The requirements are simple, share in the cooking and relax. The best part is that the invitees include people that he’s met at very different times in his life, childhood friends, college friends, Work Friends, Los Angeles friends. We all come together to spend this one week together every year. Everyone is different, but the time spent together is almost cathartic. It’s an important time to recharge and I wouldn’t miss it. These are some images that I snapped last year, when there was a new moon and the sky was full of stars.


©Barcsay Photography
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