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The Ice Storm

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Encased in Ice

What better time to post a bunch of pictures of ice and snow than in mid June? Okay, so this one is definitely from the archives, but it was from before I was blogging and so I never really had a platform to share these images, a number of which I really loved, and still do to this day.

Ice storms don’t happen often. I grew up in Canada and probably can only think of one or two examples of bad ones. Snow? Cold? Sure, we get those, but ice storms require the temperature to be fairly warm and then drop suddenly blanketing everything in ice.

On a practical level, these are awful. They freeze power-lines and pretty much wreak havoc. This year was no exception. Even worse, it was Christmas and some people were without power for over 72 hours. I was lucky enough not to be effected by the negatives and I woke up the next morning and ventured outside with my camera. I was gifted with a shimmering world that was totally void of other beings. Everything was beautiful. Berries and the last holdout fall leaves were encased in ice, seemingly forever preserved.

Below are some favorites from the aftermath of ice storm’s wrath.


©Barcsay Photography
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