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The Museum of Ice Cream

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Pink Phones = Ice Cream?

It’s a requirement that everyone in Los Angeles travel to the much anticipated Museum of Ice Cream located in a warehouse downtown. Is it life changing? Absolutely not. Am I better for having done it? Nope. Is there some free ice cream? You bet. Will I do anything for free ice cream? Without question. So, that’s how the lovely Jacob and I ended up there for an hour one afternoon.

It’s basically just one giant Instagram shot and you’re ushered through in groups of 15 of 20 until you meet the final exhibit, a pool full of fake sprinkles. You and 20 of your new closest friends all pile in together for a militantly timed two minutes. SEE HOW MANY PHOTOS YOU CAN TAKE IN TWO MINUTES! It’s silly and speaks volumes to our culture’s obsession with selfies. But, I was no better than anyone else in there. So here are a bunch of photos that I took to showcase that we are all varying degrees of vapid.


©Barcsay Photography
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