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The Sweet Life of Zack and Carla

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Library Wedding

I do a lot of different types of photography. Some people look at not specializing as a flaw, but I learn so much from each shoot I work on and I’m able to transfer what I learn from one type of shoot into something completely different.

I will say however, that wedding photography has taught me how to be flexible and how to come up with concepts at a moment’s notice. Weddings are fast-paced and photographers have to be able to work incredibly quickly. Sometimes, like life itself, things don’t go exactly as planned and the ability to roll with those changes is a real testament to a couple.

I couldn’t have asked for a more open minded and flexible couple than Carla and Zack. They got married at the Los Angeles Central Library at the end of May and got ready at the stunning Millennium Biltmore hotel just across the street. Permission had been secured to shoot some formals and getting ready shots at the Biltmore before moving over to the library for the Ceremony.

And here’s where that whole things didn’t go as planned part comes in. Another bride who was getting married at the Biltmore that day decided that she didn’t want to see another wedding party on her day, so our shooting privileges were revoked. Things like this will always boggle my mind. The lack of a spirit of inclusivity is a pretty bitter pill to swallow and, try as I might, there was no convincing them. So, plan B.

Many brides would have lost it under these circumstances, but Carla was an absolute trooper. We trekked over to the library early and captured some beautiful images of her in her amazing vintage dress (which was an epic ebay find!).

I’ve shot a lot of ceremonies over the years and I always love the personal touches that go into each celebration. These two had different song choices for each of their bridesmaids/groomsman and it was a perfect indication of just how hilarious they are. Their wedding favors even included romance novels for each guest to celebrate the library theme.

After the ceremony we captured some shots of the whole family, which was huge and full of life and then we moved on to my favorite part, couple time. This is where the couple and I (and my fantastic assistant Beau) make our escape for a few minutes and take some photos of just the two of them. It was here that Zack and Carla really shined. It’s no surprise that these two were drawn to each other. They share a wonderful sense of humor and aren’t afraid to be silly, in fact, they delight in it. I’d never been asked for an “American Gothic” style wedding photo before and boy am I glad I was.

The rest of the evening was full of amazing food, great speeches and some phenomenal dancing. I’d happily do the whole day over again.


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