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The Trip to Bountiful

So, I’m late on my blog post this week, but I’ve been recovering from a week of traveling adventures and I don’t have a lot to say. I had the pleasure of spending the 4th of July at a beautiful cabin on Lake Tahoe. From clouds, to sunshine, to stars, to hail and lightening, we had all forms of weather on this trip and I tried to document it as much as possible. Below are a few photos that highlight the journey through Lone Pine and beyond:

Capturing a flower in the field with my 14-24 2.8.

Taking in the first sunset (14-24 2.8).

Starlight at the pier (Sigma 35mm Art Series 1.4).

Looking up from the beach (14-24 2.8).

Resting kayaks under the stars (14-24 2.8).

Light leaks make lightening (35mm 1.4)

Clouds roll into the beach under the moon (14-24 2.8).

No one is safe from being a photography guinea pig... (35mm 1.4)

Daytime sun and clouds (35mm 1.4).

New friend at the end of the pier (14-24 2.8).

Beach for miles (14-24 2.8).

Passing time during the hail storm (100mm Macro 2.8)

Happy 4th! (14-24 2.8).

Raining lights (100mm 2.8)

Headed home (14-24 2.8).

Endless fields and mountains on the return (14-24 2.8).

The last sunset (14-24 2.8).

If you haven't been to Tahoe (or made the drive there), do it! The 395 route from LA was well worth the trip and an amazing way to explore parts of both Calfiornia and Nevada that time may have forgotten.


©Barcsay Photography
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