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To San Francisco and Beyond!

San Francisco, Beach, Ocean. Fog, Magic, Nikon, D850, Adventure

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for ten years, but I have a deep, dark secret. If I could, I’d happily relocate to San Francisco. They get seasons, it’s beautiful and there is so much incredible food, art and culture. LA has a lot of these things, but there is something about San Francisco that continues to charm me.

I headed up there on Friday, making the 6-hour drive on the 5 alone and listening to music and podcasts to distract me from how boring that drive is. For those of you who haven’t done it, once you get on the 5, you are on it FOREVER and it is just a really flat, straight road. The only places of note and a pea soup merchant and a very sad beef cattle farm. That said, it’s well worth it to get to the bay area. I’m lucky enough to have a friend in Oakland who has always opened up his place to me and who makes a trip up there a much more affordable option. San Francisco (and honestly Oakland now too) rent costs are what keep me from becoming a more permanent resident.

This year’s trip included some more exploring Oakland and the surrounding area, including hikes to the redwoods, amazing tacos and vegan soul food. The San Francisco portion included a trip to the ocean (where our tour guides were bold enough to swim in the frigid waters), Golden Gate Park, The Palace of Fine Arts, sea lions and some incredible coffee. A weekend is not enough time here! However, on Sunday we drove down the coast towards Los Angeles, ending up in Paso Robles at an amazing Airbnb on a grain farm in amongst all the vineyards. If you’re ever in Paso Robles, this place is incredible. Feel free to contact me and I’ll send you a link. Monday brought a return to Los Angeles and real life. It’s always an adjustment.

Check out some photos from the adventure (all shot on my new D850):


©Barcsay Photography
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