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Toronto Life(Style)

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When I was recently working in Toronto, I was able to shoot local actor Erin Carter in a fun editorial spread. Erin is following up the award-winning 2016 feature Suck it Up by developing a new series, Made with Love, which focuses on a young designer. So, it only made sense to get her into some excellent outfits for the shoot.

Clad in an incredible Top Shop pantsuit we headed to the Instagram famous pink wall at Crown Flora and started shooting. Erin and her blue suit really popped off the pink background creating some great images.

All good models deserve a treat, so we swapped her into her Addis gear, headed to the park and picked up some ice creams as a reward for a job well done, shooting all along the way.

Below are a few favorite images from the shoot:


©Barcsay Photography
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