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Women's College Hospital Portraits

When I was a kid (who was obsessed with medical dramas), I dreamed of becoming a doctor. I even started pre-med in college before quickly realizing that I was never going to pass calculus or physics and switching to film. In hindsight, it’s in everyone’s best interest that that particular dream wasn’t achieved. At this point, I’d definitely be more qualified to play a doctor on TV.

It felt like everything had come full circle when Women’s College Hospital reached out to ask me to document some goings on in the hospital. I had the absolute pleasure of shooting some of the doctors and patients over the course of the last few months. This is an amazing institution with some leading surgeons who all manage to be kind, personable and down to earth. I learned about how they’ve repaired knees, re-contructed breasts after cancer treatment and changed the life of a diabetic through the development of new technology.

Here are a few favorite moments from working with the doctor’s and patients in the halls of WCH. It all seemed much less dramatic than Seattle Grace, which is probably for the best…


©Barcsay Photography
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