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Katherine Barcsay is an award-winning Los Angeles and Toronto based photographer. She grew up in a family of photographers and has had a camera in hand as long as she can remember. Early portraiture work included all of her stuffed animals. She has shot all over the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.


Katherine's work has been featured in: Elle Canada, Luxe Magazine, Sharp Magazine, La Presse, MOB Journal, Pump Magazine, INTRA, Guest of a Guest, BlogTO, Moevir, Lucy’s Magazine, Voyages LA, C magazine and Basic Magazine, among others.


Some recent clients include: Garrett Leight, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Erica Pelosini, Magic Hat Brewing Company, The AMAs, Mango Studios, Ontario Hydro, Rolex, Salesforce, Women’s College Hospital, King’s College Dalhousie, UCLA, York University, Third Home, Playing with Food, and Oceana.