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Birthday Surprise!

Birthday, Surprise, Event Photographer

The birthday balloons that refused not to blow in the wind

A friend of mine who works as a party planner asked me if I was available to capture some shots of a surprise birthday that she was throwing on a rooftop in Beverly Hills.

I shoot a lot of weddings, but birthdays aren’t something that I do on a regular basis. That said, I knew if Christina was involved that it would be fun and it was midweek so I thought, why not?

I’m so glad I did. Reema and her family were fantastic and this 14 year old was definitely surprised. After the initial shock wore off, they spent the evening eating some amazing food and dancing into the night. Reema was even surprised by a visit from some Dancing with the Stars coaches who taught them a few moves.

It was such a pleasure to get to be involved in their celebration and my ballroom dancing skills have definitely improved as a result!


©Barcsay Photography
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