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Stephanie and Adam's Downtown LA Wedding

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

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The married couple takes off!

I met Stephanie and Adam under somewhat atypical circumstances. I am a part of an internet group called Shoot & Share, which is dedicated to photographers. It’s a great group for both professionals and those interested in developing as photographers.

The lovely Jennifer Lacey (check her out here) had posted that she had been planning to shoot her dear friends’ wedding but that she was very pregnant and a bit worried about shooting a full wedding so soon after delivery, so she was hoping for someone to take over as lead for the ceremony and reception and she would cover all the formal portraits and prep beforehand. I left my information on the thread and was lucky enough to be contacted to set up a meeting with Stephanie and Adam.

As soon as we met, I knew this was going to work out. They were laid back and easy to talk to, pretty much my dream couple to shoot. We chatted about music, and about their jobs and after our hour long coffee, I was all set to shoot their wedding in November at an awesome venue in Los Angeles.

If you haven’t been to Huron substation, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s this fantastic old railway substation (that you can see here) built in 1906 and I was thrilled to get the chance to shoot there.

I left the formals and getting ready shots in Jennifer’s capable hands and arrived ready to shoot the ceremony in the backyard of the substation. What followed was a wonderful ceremony led by the pastor of the church where Stephanie worked, who is also a close friend of the couple.

The evening then moved to dining (by a fantastic taco truck), speeches and dancing and we ended the night with a glow stick send off for the couple.

Florals and wedding coordinating were done by the fantastic Megan Elise Events.

Here are a few favorites from the night:


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