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Nolan and Ellis in their Natural Habitat

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Nolan proudly shows me his room

I’ve known Christine since I was twelve, which is enough to make anyone feel old, especially now that she has two kids of her own. She was looking to get some professional photos of her two young children and reached out to me. She wanted both portraits and candids in their beautiful east end home. Getting to catch up and snap some shots of her adorable kids? I was definitely in.

Nolan is four and he is basically never still. He’s so excited about everything and is constantly chatting and exploring. It makes for an incredible kid, but a challenging subject. When you’re super excited to show everyone your train and your cool room, it’s hard to sit still and smile at a camera. There’s just too much to do! Oftentimes, I think we can all relate to Nolan’s struggle. It can often feel like a chore to get our pictures taken. I think that’s why I love shooting candids. We capture the most interesting and unique parts of people when they are not trying. Our method for Nolan included a lot of lifestyle shots of him interacting with his environment, distractions and, I’ll admit it, a bribe of the chocolate variety. At the end of the day with patience and time we got some super shots of this little ball of energy.

Ellis is a very different personality. She’s obviously a lot younger than Nolan, but I think you can already see a lot of who she is becoming. She’s quiet and introspective and spends a lot of time observing her big brother on the move. She loves to take in the world as it goes on around her. From a photography perspective, she made my job very easy. She was focused on the camera because it was something new and different that she didn’t yet fully understand. A tiny pensive soul.

We ended the day with a few shots of the two together. It’s fascinating to see how kids that way interact and come together. What an exciting adventure to watch these two grow up alongside one another. Below are some shots from our day:


©Barcsay Photography
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