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One of the joys of having a home studio is that you can shoot on a moment’s notice and that’s exactly when happened when Katharine came to me with a fashion and portraiture concept. If you’re a model with a concept that you’re working on, reach out. I love to collaborate on fashion projects if I’m available.

We got the backdrop and strobes set up and shot this series. I even came out of retirement and did a few turns in front of the camera, which I’ve included for fun.

This isn’t my first series on pink. I wouldn’t say pink was my favorite color by any stretch of the imagination, but for whatever reason I find myself consistently drawn to it in photos of people. I love the way that it makes subjects pop of the background. I love models to both clash and compliment it with their own wardrobe. Black on pink. Done. Blue on pink. Done. Red on pink done. Next up, pink on pink.

Here, I processed the images with high grain, aiming to create a more vintage film stock look and experimented with some different color palates.

Pink is the new black.


©Barcsay Photography
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