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Sasquatch Comedy Does Group Shots

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If you haven’t checked out Sasquatch Comedy on youtube, do so immediately. They’re a hilarious sketch group working on both live and online content. I had the pleasure of being asked to do some totally silly group shots for these guys awhile back and it was some of the most fun that I’ve had on a shoot. It’s always fun when the goal is, ‘make us look somewhat idiotic.’

They had two concepts. The first was in the vein of awkward family photos. We trekked out to Leo Carillo State beach, found a quiet cove and captured the true beauty of this gang of four surrounded by bluffs and the ocean.

For our second shoot, the boys showed up at the studio with several pounds of stage make up and got to work bloodying each other up for some individual portraits and group shots.

Sasquatch is made up of: Nick Williams, Danny Jolles, Jack Quaid and Zach Webber and you can check them out here

Here are a few favorite snaps from their sessions:


©Barcsay Photography
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